Oriental Anecdotes

Adventures of Mulla Nasrudine

A certain famous Fakir was claiming in the village that he could teach an illiterate person to read by a lightning method.

Nasruddine stepped out of the crowd:

"Very well, teach me - now. The Fakir touched the Mullah's forehead, and said: "Now go home immediately and read a book". Half an hour later Nasrudine was back in the market-place, market place, clutching a book. The Fakir had gone on his way.

"Can you read now, Mulla? the people asked him. "Yes, I can read - but that is not the point. Where is that Charlatan?"

"How can he be a charlatan if he caused you to read without learning?"
“Because this book, which is authoritative, says: “All Fakirs are frauds”.’


‘ Reasonable people always see things in the same way,’ said the Khan of Samarkand to Nasrudine one day.
‘That is just the trouble with “reasonable” people,’ said Nasrudine; ‘they include at least some people who always see only one thing out of potential two possibilities.’
The Khan called the divines and the philosophers to explain, but they thought Nasrudine was talking nonsense.
The next day Nasrudine rode through the town on a donkey in such a way that is face was towards the donkey’s back.
When he arrived near the palace where the Khan was sitting in the veranda with his advisors, Nasrudine said:
‘Would your Highness please ask these people what they have just seen?’
When asked, all the advisors of the Khan said: ‘We have seen a man riding back-to-front on a donkey.’
‘That is exactly my point,’ said Nasrudine. ‘The trouble with all your advisors is that they did not notice that perhaps it was the donkey who was the wrong way around.’



Religionists do not know Thy mercy as we know it.
A stranger cannot know Thee as does a friend.
Thou saidst: 'Sin, and I shall cast thee into Hell!'
Tell that to the person who does not know Thee!


I was a hawk. I flew from the secret world
Desiring to wing at once to heights.
But as I found none worthy of the Secrets
I went back by the door through which I came.


Men's eyes are closed, like blindfold mill-oxen,
Seeking like ants under a reversed cup…
You have not done what your forebears did – yet you want
to be like them. Knock on the Door….


I am a mirror and, who looks in me-
Whatever good or bad he sees, he sees himself.

Follow the guide

Read what you should read. See what you should see.
Act as you should act. Feel what you should feel.
Until you can do all these things, follow the Guide.
When you can do these things, you will not have to be told –
Follow the Guide.

Meditation of Rumi

There is no cause for fear. It is imagination, blocking you as a wooden bolt holds the door.
Burn that bar…

Every thought has a parallel action.

Every prayer has a sound and a physical form.

The man of God is not as expert made by books.

First you were mineral, the vegetal, then man. You will be an angel, and you will pass beyond that too.

There are thousand forms of mind.

If the sea did not rise into the sky, where would the gardens get their life.

A totally wise man would cease to exist in the ordinary sense.

You make no spark by striking earth on flint.

To the ignorant, a gem seems an ordinary stone.