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El Bokhari Abdelouahed



Welcome to Tangier BokhariTour Site

Discover the beauty of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco is a beautiful country, unique in the Muslim world. Its richly diverse culture has been shaped during more than 3,000 years, by ethnic groups, whose roots go far back in time, as well as by its geographical location, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, sub-saharan Africa to the south-west, Europe to the north and the Mediterranean countries to the north-east. Morocco is a prosperous country that is developing its industrial potentials in different sectors that are boosting its exports, thus making a spectacular progress as an emerging economic country, thanks to its assets, to the investments made in many industrial sectors, and to its stable political situation and its human resources. Its population is reputed for its kindness, hospitality and tolerance. To discover some of its interesting places, you may be in need of good orientation and the hiring of an official tour guide. If you are planning to visit Tangier or any other area of Morocco, and are in need of a Tour Guide, you could hire my services, and if available, I will let you discover the most important corners of the city, not the monotonous touristic traps. For your information, I'm a Tour Guide, Tour Manager and lecturer, with long years of experience, escorting and guiding large tourist groups as well as individuals through all Morocco, managing different itineraries.

You hate the big bus tours! Set departure dates, large groups, no free time, yelling guides, quickstep and uninterested visits' stops? The solution is a private tour. Just you and your traveling companion(s) on the tour. Your guide moves at your pace, your driver stops when and where you want, your interests determine what you see and how long. For more detail about Morocco, do please review the rest of the pages of this website, and if you decide to travel to my country, but have no idea how to start or what itinerary to choose, get in touch with me, I will be glad to provide you with all the usefull information, free from any commitment or charge. And if you require my services, I will be at your disposition, whenever available.

My name is El Bokhari a professional Free Lance all together licensed Tour Guide, Tour Escort and Tour Director/lecturer, from Tangier - Morocco, with more than two decades of experience, guiding and escorting Tourist groups as well as individuals. The services I provide are guiding, escorting and lecturing in Tangier and its neighboring geographical districts as well as throughout Morocco for you, your Travel Agency, Cruises, Schools, Universities, business clients, conference participants, VIPs, incentive travel, foreign business partners, specialist groups, (Cinema, TV) professional colleagues, delegations, sporting, cultural events as well as tailoring any requested programs and itineraries.

I do provide escorting and guiding services for Cultural, leisure tours as well as for adventure travels and discoveries,(discovery of the wonderful lakes and winding rivers of the Atlas mountains, the secret gardens, the huge sand dunes, camel herds and hundreds of million years old fossils deposits and quarries of the Sahara desert and more !!!)

With all modesty, I count among the leading body of the most experienced Tourist Guides of Morocco, who excel in their duties as Tour Guides and Tour Directors. The experience I acquired is through escorting and directing different types of itineraries throughout all Morocco, and tracing new ones for Moroccan as well as for international Travel Agencies such as:
Globus, Maupintour, GCT/OAT, (Grand Circle Travel), Contiki, TravGoa, Overseas, Presidential Tour, Eureka Tours, TAM, Pullman Tours, Insight Vacations, Transrutas, Luxotur, Julia Turs, and many more. I do exercise in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.
 My duties, I do carry with much caution, responsibility and objectivity, in accordance with the appropriate standards and regulations, applying professional skills and learning, acquired through training and long years of, in the field, experience, caring much for the safety and well-being of every single participant of a tour. Friendly, sociable and respectful to the cultural differences and individual views of particulars, and avoiding, always, the use of any language or behavior that may offend, and I do implement my duties with responsibility and commitment.

Definition of a Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide profession in Morocco is officially regulated by the Royal Decree Law N°1-97-05 of January 25, 1997, bearing promulgation of Law N° (30/96).

For a quick reference, a Moroccan Tourist Guide is the person who possesses an Official license, granted by the Ministry of Tourism, once graduated from the High International Institute of Tourism, and after qualification. His duties resume in guiding visitors within the city or an area of the country in order to provide information and explanations on matters related to history, cultural heritage, archaeology, art, economic and industrial development of the country, and what is of more importance, provide the requested information and assistance to tourists.
There are three categories of Official Tour Guides in Morocco. Tour Escort, Tourist Guide and Guide of Mountains. The Tour Escort, bearing an official red badge, is qualified to operate locally or throughout all Morocco. The Local Guide, bearing an official green badge, is accredited to operate locally in his province. The badge is the official Identity credential to perform Tour guiding. All official Tourist Guides in Morocco are self-employed, they are not on welfare, nor do they benefit of any Public Subsidies or Grants.

My aims are:

To give a professional service to visitors. Professional in care and commitment, and professional in providing objective understanding of Morocco's political, economic and industrial development, as well as its History, Culture and Tradition, free from any prejudice or propaganda. To act fairly and reasonable in all dealings with those who engage my services, performing in all respects of tourism. To protect the reputation of tourism in my country by making every endeavor to ensure that guided groups treat with respect the environment, wildlife, sights and monuments, as well as local customs and sensitivities of Morocco. And as representative of my country, I  welcome visitors and act in such a way as to bring credit to Morocco and promote it as a favorite tourist destination, to create a friendly rapport, meeting particular client requirements, whether for large package tour groups or for smaller special interest parties.

Give it a try. Get in touch with me, if you are planning to visit Morocco but you have no idea about what is interesting to discover in Morocco. As a professional in the field I will be pleased to provide you with the best advices, and I will be glad to help for the sake of promoting Tourism in Morocco, free from any commitment.

You will be welcome not as a tourist but as a friend, and as a friend you will experience and feel the well known genuine Moroccan warmth and hospitality, called the "Human Touch!!!"

Contact Address

El Bokhari Abdelouahed
Tangier - Morocco
Cell Phone (212) 634649184
Email: [email protected]

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